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Sesame Seed Exporter

Anatomy of Sesame Seed

Sesame, being a flowering plan, is greatly naturalized in tropical regions across the world and is used for edible seeds that grow in pods. These tiny sesame seeds are grown in the shades of brown, pale grayish ivory, red and black. It has a sweet, nutty aroma with buttery taste.


Uses of Sesame Seed

These are used widely in cooking various cuisines. It is used in dry and roasted form and is also mixed with vegetable oil for making a thin light brown color paste called a tahini – one of the major components popular in middle-eastern dip – hummus. It is sprinkled over biscuits, toasts, breads, salads, cakes, stir fries etc. It is also used in various traditional south-Indian sweet.

Production of Sesame and Sesame Seed Exporter

These seeds are liberally produced round 60-65 countries across the world, of which Asian and African countries are the main producers. It’s also produced in China, Sudan, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Uganda, Pakistan, Tanzania, etc. India, being one of the largest producers of sesame seeds, cultivates a wide variety of Sesame seeds ranging in color and oil content that varies from 40 to 50 %. The black and white seeds are majorly used for direct consumption. Make sure that you purchase fresh and nutty seeds to get the best benefit of these tiny seeds when you buy sesame seeds.


Why Ganesha Agro

Our years of effort and commitment to offer quality spices to our customers has enabled us to provide the best quality and prudently selected products! We have one of the best and strongest logistic support and customer care service to cater to the needs of our consumers. Our extensive clientele is our biggest strength that motivates us to offer the best product and earn client satisfaction. We reward ourselves by surpassing our client satisfaction!


Quality & Variety Available On Sesame Seed:

  • Natural Sesame Seed 99/1/1

  • Natural Sesame Seed 99/1 Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

  • Hulled Sesame Seed Purity Premium (Purity 99.97%)

  • Hulled Sesame Seed Purity Premium (Purity 99.95%)

  • Natural Black Sesame Seed Sortex (Purity 99.90%)

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