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Fennel Seed Exporter

Anatomy of Fennel Seed

Fennel seed, also known as souff, has a sweet and light flavor just like anise. It is native to the Mediterranean region. Albeit, being a European origin, it’s also grown and used in several other parts of Asia and North America. It was widely consumed by ancient Greek athletes to strengthen their stamina and stave off hunger while fasting periods. It does not add fat to the body.

Uses of Fennel Seed

Fennel has been an aid to digestion, and it is also consumed by several people in tea form. It is also used in fish dishes. It is also a necessary ingredient of Italian sausage and adds a mysterious component to tomato and marinara sauce that is eaten with all types of pasta. Fennel in ancient times was also used as natural flavoring toothpaste, promoting the vision and improving lactation. In India, fennel seeds are consumed in raw form for years to cut down high blood pressure, treat flatulence, clear cloudy eyes, and bloating.

Production of Stuff and Fennel Seed Exporter

Fennel seeds, grown in mild climates, are green oval or yellowish brown dried aromatic fruit of Foeniculum Vulgare, which hails from Parsley family. The major producing states of fennel seeds in India include Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. It is mostly harvested from December to March. Given the above uses and health benefits, when you buy fennel, ensure that the stock is cleared frequently and it has the aroma and freshness! This will help you store stuff for a longer period of time.

Why Ganesha Agro

Being a successful stuff supplier/exporter, we have held our rapport of offering quality products and excellent customer care services for more than three decades and have strived hard to expand our offerings to the global landscape. During all these years we, as a fennel seed exporter, have bonded well with our consumers and customers by offering premium quality and abiding by international quality standards. We know what you want!

Quality & Variety Available On Fennel Seed:

  • Extra Green ( Abu Road Premium Quality)

  • Europe 99% Purity (Medium Green)

  • Singapore 99% Purity (Light Green)

  • Premium Quality Grinded Powder

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