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Dill Seed Exporter

Dill Seed

Dill seeds are native to Europe and it’s the member of the same family as the celery, carrot, coriander, etc. Dill is widely used as spice and its oil, extracted from its seeds, is known as carvone. It is mostly used in preparing tomato juice, bread, salad dressing, sauces, fish dishes, soups etc. Many people buy dill as fresh or else frozen and dried to retain its natural quality.



This plant can grow up to one meter, with narrow stems and smooth, fragile, and feathery leaves. White and yellow flowers also bloom in this plant in the summers. It can grow only in sunny and hot weather with abundance of sunshine. Its seed can be retained for as long as ten years.


Why Us

We are one of the prominent spice processor and exporter of spices in India. With a strong pan Indian marketing network in place, we have a rich experience in procurement, processing and powerful supply chain agricultural commodities.

We are also members of many reputed export promoting organizations and contributes to the imports and exports industry of agricultural commodities. We have earned strong credential and are known for our premium quality product and excellent shipments.

We ensure you get the best product and maximum value to each penny you spend.

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