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Cumin Seed

Oblong shaped cumin seeds constitutes of combination of yellow-brown color with a nutty aroma. It is native to Egypt and has been produced in India, Mediterranean countries including China. It is strongly aromatic and used as grounded, whole or roasted form in food and other medicinal application.

Cumin Seeds Uses

Indian spices, especially cumin seeds are in high demand, which has encouraged the cumin seed exporters to reach wider spectrum of global market. Cumin powder serves as a primary ingredient of curry and its seeds are also used to get relief from several health disorders, which include:

  • »  Increases urination

  • »  Reduces inflammation

  • »  Surpass muscle spasms

  • »  Consolidates bone

  • »  Triggers the appetite

  • »  Reduces blood sugar

  • »  Combat jaundice diarrhea, indigestion and flatulence

Why US

We produce and export premium quality cumin seeds to our clientele across the globe for more than thirty years. All these years of rich experience has earned us a name in the industry of Indian spice industry. We not only conduct healthy business but also believe in building long term relations and earn customer loyalty.

You can buy cumin seeds of any variant – whole or grounded from us and we ensure to deliver the world class quality product, complying with international standards.

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